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Shermaine Tilley – Managing Partner



Shermaine Tilley is a Managing Partner at CTI Life Sciences Fund, a Montreal-based venture capital fund investing across Canada as well as in the U.S..CTI LSF currently has $245 M under management, comprised of 2014 vintage Fund II that is open for investment as well as a 2006 vintage Fund I. Since joining CTI LSF at its inception in 2006, Shermaine has played a critical role in each of the investments made by the Fund, but particularly by leading investments in Medicago – acquired by Mitsubishi Tanabe for $357 M in 2013 – as well as those in CellAegis Devices, Immunovaccine (TSX: IMV), Phemi and Zymeworks (NYSE:ZYME and TSX:ZYME). She was also a board observer in Enobia that was acquired by Alexion in 2012 in the largest takeout of a private development-stage biotech for $1.1B, assuming all milestones are received.

Prior to joining CTI LSF in 2006, Dr. Tilley was Senior VP at Drug Royalty Corporation, the world’s first private equity firm doing royalty transactions in the biotech/pharma space. At DRC (now DRI), Dr. Tilley played a leading role in closing 12 transactions totaling over $200 M in investments.

Before DRC, Dr. Tilley ran and managed a research laboratory, holding faculty positions at the NYU School of Medicine and Public Health Research Institute, NY, and on the PHRI Board of Directors. Concomitantly with her tenure at NYU School of Medicine and PHRI, she consulted for the NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program in immunology and infectious disease for 10 years.

Dr. Tilley holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, an MBA from the University of Toronto, and is a member of the CFA Society of Toronto. She currently sits on the boards of CellAegis Devices, Immunovaccine (TSX: IMV), Phemi, and BIOTECanada.