Specialty Stage Position Board
Vascular Pre-Clinical And Clinical Co-Investor Observer
Last update: 01/09/2013


Headquartered in San Diego, Targegen is a private company founded in 2001. The mission of the company is to use its expertise in vascular biology and knowledge regarding the src kinase inhibitors and their control over the vascular edema in an effort to develop drugs in ophthalmology, cancer and inflammatory diseases.
The main program in acute macular degeneration could be the first treatment in a cream form to treat this disease that keeps growing with age. The company also has a first inhibitor of a new class that has for target non-receptor tyrosine kinase (i.e. Jak-2) which addresses myeloproliferatives diseases like policythemia vera, thrombocytopenia and primary myelofibrosis.


9380 Judicial Drive Street
San Diego, CA, USA
Telephone: (858) 678-0760
Fax: (858) 678-0762
Web: http://www.targegen.com